Thursday, June 09, 2005

Preople - Its about who you are...

Preople - Its about who you are...

This is kind of a funny website. It lets you see how you rank in terms of digital-virtual fame. For people both fictional and nonfictional. My ranking tanked. But then, when I looked up my name from before I was married, there was a better score. What can one do? So I signed up. It's....interesting.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Another step in the evolution of my role in Louisville

Now that a letter has gone out to the entire congregation of Keneseth Israel, I can add this to my blog: As of July 1st, I will be Keneseth Israel's first Assistant Rabbi of Youth and Education. This is the first time that Keneseth Israel has someone in the clergy team devoted to serving the youth and educational programming of the synagogue. This is also my opportunity to experience working fully in a synagogue setting, which is where these past three years have lead me.

I will also remain as the Director of the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School at the JCC of Louisville.

So I will still have two jobs, and at least two masters! Oh well!

Sam Glaser: A Man Who Is Generous With His Time

Last weekend, 25 Jewish kids from Kentucky got together for a weekend retreat, at the center of which was our artist-in-residence Sam Glaser ( First of all, Sam was going to be doing a concert in Lexington on the Sunday evening after the weekend retreat ended, which is how we had secured Sam for half of his normal fee. Despite the concert falling through, Sam was still coming out for the weekend. How awesome is that!

We had asked Sam to lead Friday night services, teach after dinner, teach again on Saturday afternoon and then do a sing-along session after Shabbat on Saturday night. And he went above and beyond that. He participated in the services at one of the two Conservative synagogues on Shabbat morning, he joined us for singing at lunch, he sang at Four Courts, the local Jewish nursing home, for the residents. And the sing-along amounted to a three hour long mini-concert/jam session. The kids and the adults present were all very impressed with Sam's generosity both personal and with his time. When he was not on, he was shmoozing with kids and adults alike.

What a great weekend!